5 Reasons To Eat Hemp


1) Hemp oil is great for your heart.  It’s one of those high omega 3 oils. it’s a heart healthy fat.

2) High Levels antioxidant- all the research isn’t in yet but we do know that it’s a great antioxidant. This is important because it can help neutralize free radicals.  It is loaded with Vitamin C so that alone is reason enough to eat Hemp.

3) High in Fiber – It contains both soluble and insoluble fiber.  Anyone ever tell you to eat more fiber. You can start getting more fiber in your diet by eating hemp.

4) Minerals – it’s full of a ton of essential minerals.  Recent studies have shown that magnesium is important for heart health.  In fact they are starting to suspect that heart attacks are not caused by high cholesterol but by a magnesium deficiency.  They suspect that magnesium is a nutrient needed for your body to naturally clear out the plague in your arteries.  But it has a lot more than just magnesium.  There are high levels of Potassium, zinc and iron.

5) Protein – It’s a complete protein. Hemp contain all nine essential amino acids. This should come as great news for vegetarians that miss out on a lot of important nutrients from meat.